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Relocating? We Can Help

  If you find yourself in a situation that requires a relocation to a new area, our lawyers can guide you through the process with ease.

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  Military service men and women are often called upon to settle into new posts across the country, ALG offers many free benefits to assist them in their move.

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  We have some amazing programs up and coming to help the prospective homebuyers to find new homes, learn how.

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Buying Your Home

When purchasing a property, there are two ways to ensure that you are not exposed to unreasonable risk in completing your purchase, and that you have good and marketable title to your property.

A Lawyer's Certificate of Title is the traditional means of protecting yourself and your lender on a property purchase. The lawyer searches the records at the Registry of Deeds, and provides you with an opinion of the title to the property. This opinion may be subject to certain limitations. The lawyer's certificate ensures that you will have good and sufficient marketable title. You will also have to obtain a Surveyor's Location Certificate to confirm that the dwelling is located completely within the boundaries of the lot. Your mortgage company will usually require these two certificates. A Tax and/or Zoning Certificate may also be required.

Title Insurance is a new product in Atlantic Canada, but it has been used in the United States for over 100 years. With Title Insurance, the lawyer still searches the title to the property you are buying at the Registry of Deeds, and then certifies title to a Title Insurance Company. The Title Insurance Company then provides a written policy issued to you and your mortgage company. This policy confirms that you have good and sufficient marketable title, and protects you from loss if this is not the case. It also protects you if the dwelling is not completely located within the boundaries of the lot. Financial institutions will accept Title Insurance in the place of Location, Tax, or Zoning Certificates.


VIP Clients can take advantage of our "Easy Home Closing" programs and may elect one of the following "Home Closing Programs."

Purchase Package*
up to $50K
$50K to $100K
Over $100K to $300K
Over $300K

Sale Package*
Sale of Property*
Migration Fees per PID*



*Fees are conditional on Atlantica Law Group being retained on sale / purchase or refinance. Registration fees, title search, corrective migration, HST, land transfer fees, sign-up courier and remote signing fees are excluded. Effective July 1st, 2008. Subject to change without notice.



Atlantica Law Group is pleased to Introduce first to the public and consumer it's new Home Remote Signing program. A program in which clients can sign their closing documents right in their home while having the comfort of talking to a lawyer at any time during the transaction. The firm offers this program to remote areas across the Province for the sole benefit of the clients. While not all offices offer this program the majority do.

Each ALG Law Group office is independently owned and operated by lawyers. While the work is carried out by experienced and closely supervised paralegals, clients are fully advised verbally in their first discussions with a lawyer, as well as in their retainer agreement signed by the clients up front with full disclosure. By electing the Home Remote Signing program clients receive not only first class legal services, but also the ease and comfort of knowing the transaction is as simple as an email or call to the lawyers of ALG Law Group.

The Home Remote Signing program is simple. The system allows clients to have their closing documents signed any where they choose such as the office, home, or elsewhere. Once the clients accept the firm as its law office to act on behalf of their interests, the clients will be called and the above program explained by one of the lawyers in our office, which is normally closest to the client. In addition, ALG Law Group has a 100 Percent Satisfaction

Guarantee for all clients using the Home Remote Signing program. If at any time the client is unhappy with our services, we will transfer the file, plus waive our legal fees, to any other lawyer. If at any time, on or before the closing, the client is unhappy, we will not charge our legal fee on the transaction. ALG Law Group is so confident the clients will be 100 percent happy, it has a no questions ask policy in our Satisfaction Guarantee.

For more information please feel free to contact us at 1-800-357-3884.


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